AMC Dine-in Theatres Block 37

Sesame salmon bowl

**** (4 stars)

I love the large reclining seats and spacious theatre aisles at the DIne-In theatres. I’ve been to the one in Orlando many times. This on is a bit different design, with individual swinging tray tables at each seat, which I like even better.

The menu here is definitely themed, with the theme being “unhealthful.” There are almost no food items on the menu with calorie counts that can be expressed in three digits. In fact, one DRINK has over 1600 calories!

That said, on my last visit I had a sesame salmon bowl, which contained stir fried vegetables and a teriyaki-like sauce. It was superb. I had them substitute quinoa for the rice, which made it even better. I suspect it even had a reasonable calorie count, and I would definitely get it again.

The service is always friendly and efficient, and is not intrusive during the movie.

AMC Dine-in Theatres Block 37
108 N State Street
Ste 434
Chicago, IL 60602