Joy Yee South



Vietnamese platter

Joy Yee platter

Lemon grass chicken

Chicken vermicelli bowl

*** (3 stars)

The thing I like about Joy Yee is the vast menu, which includes Chinese, Vietnamese and a few Korean items, as well as a very extensive flavored drinks and shakes list. I’ve always enjoyed the Joy Yee in Evanston, but I didn’t think this one was quite as good. There was a bit of sameness to all the dishes, even though we tried to order very different things.

The Vietnamese Appetizer platter was a bit more interesting than the Joy Yee Appetizer platter, although the summer rolls on the Joy Yee platter were the best (and lightest) thing we tried.
Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken has almost no hint of spice or lemon grass.

The decor is… well there isn’t any decor. It’s just a white box in a strip mall with some chairs and tables scattered around.

Service was functional if not inspired, and the kitchen was very quick.

Joy Yee South
7101 183rd St
Ste 108
Tinley Park, IL 60477
(708) 468-8520