**** (4 stars)

This latest outpost of the BurgerFi empire is at the entrance to Windermere, next to Isleworth and Bay Hill in the Grove shopping plaza. The weird design of the parking makes finding a space a bit of a puzzle, but it keeps down the traffic, which makes dining outside on the large, covered patio pleasant.

I like BurgerFi’s approach to burgers, because they make it easy to assemble your burger from the ground up. My favorite is with bacon, white cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle relish, ketchup, mustard and mayo. It’s no problem to rattle these off and get exactly what you want.

The burgers themselves are fairly small, about the size of a fast food burger, not a gourmet hamburger restaurant’s patty. But that’s fine as far as I’m concerned, because you get all the flavor without so many calories. And the flavor was good, especially the crispy bacon, which was generous. The bun was a bit blah, even though it had been “branded” with the BurgerFi logo. And the meat was definitely well done, which might turn some off, but I don’t mind a well-done burger as long as it’s juicy, which this one was.

The accompanying onion rings I ordered where huge, crispy and tasty, but dripping with oil. My companion liked his fries less well. The order was huge, but the variant he ordered was covered with a white sauce that made them slimy.

BurgerFi has Coke Freestyle machines, so you can select from hundreds of combinations, which is always fun.

You order at the counter, and then the food is delivered to your table using a clever scheme involving restaurant pagers placed on a special mat that must signal the servers which table you’re at. Very neat.

If you’re expecting Red Robin or Burger 21, BurgerFi isn’t really in that category, but if you want an excellent fast food burger in a nice environment, it’s a good choice.

4750 The Grove Dr.
Windermere, FL 34786
(407) 217-7612