North Pond

**** (4 stars)

An idyllic setting for a restaurant. When you can sit in the front room with all the wall opened up on a nice evening there is no more pleasant dining venue in Chicago.

We had the tasting menu, and felt that it contained many interesting and delicious ingredients that didn’t necessarily combine into something greater than the individual parts. But each dish had lots going on in it, for sure. The most successful were actually two courses that were added, a amuse bouche of curry and pineapple soup, and a pre-dessert with mace ice cream. The dessert itself was also a highlight.

THe accompanying wine pairing is a good deal. While there are no stunners, the wines work well  with the dishes, particularly considering home many disparate flavors there are in each one.

Our waiter, though hurried, was obviously really passionate, and shared an anecdote about each wine.

Overall I’d certainly return, not so much for the wine as for the overall experience.

North Pond
2610 N Cannon Dr
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 477-5845