42 grams

Fall menu 2016

Working together


Whiye chocolate with citrus filling

Sweet potatoes gelato, date cake

Flax crisp, jam, cheese

A5 wagyu



Egg, oba, uni

“Lobster mushroom”


Crab, squash, speck

Foie gras, finger lime, crispy rice noodles

Jake and Alexa at work




***** (5 stars)

42 grams provides a unique dining experience that is visually stunning, impressive, and, most importantly, fun.

Unlike other restaurants that feature a chef’s counter where you can watch multiple chefs prepare your meal, 42 grams is a tour de force of one person, Chef Jake. Every bite is prepared from scratch, as you watch. From the first ingredient (and there were many in each of the eleven courses of the fall 2016 menu) to the last bite of dessert, you see everything created before you. It’s like watching an elaborate ballet to see it so perfectly timed. And the results are stunningly beautiful.

Of course this only works for a small number of diners, and the counter is limited to eight. With enough warning, a private party of ten can be accommodated at a table, but the counter and table are never used at the same time.

Alexa, Jake’s, wife, provides a delightful history of the couple, the place, and insightful commentary on each course.

A liquor license is in the works, but as of this writing it is BYOB. I loved the fact that advance wine recommendations were provided by email, and that ice bucket and wine opener were already set up for each couple.

42 grams is a very special experience you won’t find elsewhere, and is definitely worth checking out.

42 grams
4662 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640