NYC Bagel Deli

**** (4 stars)

Here’s a popular place for New York style food, from bagels to pizzas to sandwiches. I was there for an authentic deli sandwich, and I left satisfied.

My choice was hot pastrami on rye with swiss cheese. The tender pastrami was piled high, but not so ridiculously high that it was impossible to eat, like many in NYC are. I liked the addition of cucumber slices and onion to the yellow mustard and mayo.

It came with a giant dill pickle and some rather granular potato salad I didn’t care for; next time I’ll pick a different side item.

The place has only two tables, so arrive early or expect to get your sandwich to go.

NYC Bagel Deli
515 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 923-9999