Jumbo Asian Cuisine & Sushi

**** (4 stars)

This new place is an instant success, a measure of the demand for restaurants in this area, and especially sushi.

My wife and I were in disagreement about the place. I thought it was quite good, while she didn’t like too much about it. It’s true that the lighting over the sushi bar is dreadful, and the servers seem very disorganized and inexperienced. But on the other hand, the place was slammed, with a wait all evening, after being open only three days.

I thought the sushi was excellent. The fish was clearly better than most of the area sushi bars. The hamachi and kampachi sashimi were both particularly good. We both really liked the Magik roll, a mixture of tuna, yellowtail and salmon with wasabi mayo.

The only clear miss was the Tom Yum, which bore no relationship to the Thai lemongrass soup it was supposed to be.

Overall, I think they’re doing a great job for a brand new restaurant, and will be very successful in this area.

Jumbo Asian Cuisine & Sushi
7798 Winter Garden Vineland Rd
Windermere, FL 34786
(407) 909-8868