Delbe’s Corner

***** (5 stars)

Wow, I’d eat here even if the food wasn’t good. This was a fantastic service experience, the kind that is rare these days. It’s not that anything exceptional occurred. That’s what was so fantastic. It’s just that I can anticipate the same exact level of service on my next visit, because it’s clear that the culture here is to hire nice people who are engaged in what they do, and serving their customers.

I was greeted when I walked in, chatted with as I ordered, met with a friendly smile when my food was delivered, and thanked for my business when I left. And none of it was because the young man behind the counter had been told he had to do that. It’s because he wanted to make sure he had happy customers. This sounds basic, but it happens so rarely, in such an honest fashion, that it really stands out.

Oh, and yes, the sunrise breakfast sandwich on an everything bagel was delicious. Pretty good coffee, too.

Delbe’s Corner
1100 Davis St
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 424-1006