Nile Ethiopian Restaurant

**** (4 stars)

I like Ethiopian food. It’s healthful, varied, and just different enough that it’s a fun break from other ethnic cuisines. If you haven’t had it before, be forewarned that no utensils are involved. Instead is is served with thin “bread” that is really  a pancake or crepe. You tear off pieces and use it to scoop up the various food.

Although I’ve had Ethiopian food a few times before, it was better at Nile than previous places I’ve been. The flavors and textures and levels of spiciness are nicely varied if you select one of the combos for two. We had the chef’s special, which included both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. We also had an appetizer assortment, and I like those three items even better: triangular stuffed pastry, chopped tomato salad, and a lentil puree.

Service was friendly, and the owner, who was relaxing on the fron porch, thanked us for our business when we left. A nice, exotic member of Orlando’s ethnic dining scene.

Nile Ethiopian Restaurant
7048 International Dr
Orlando, FL 32885
(407) 354-0026