Cellar at The Stained Glass

***** (5 stars)

The Stained Glass is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world, so it’s not surprising that The Cellar, which is owned by The Stained Glass, is now a new favorite. It’s just around the corner and a block down, and shares much of the same culinary philosophy.

When I go to The Stained Glass, I like to graze on the appetizers, ordering everything tapas style. At The Cellar, that’s the normal operating procedure.

Everything is delicious, and the prices are extremely reasonable. If anything, the portions are too big for tapas style dining; I’m sure two people could share a couple of items such as the salmon flatbread and Short Ribs sandwich and leave stuffed, with a tab under $30.

I just got home from a visit, and already I’m thinking about when I can go back!

Cellar at The Stained Glass
820 Clark St
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 864-8678